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System Supplier

Holtec electronics is a system supplier with a passion for electronics. We focus on managing the whole development production cycle.

System supplier for all markets

As a system supplier we like to think with you about the best solution for your system; whether we are talking about multimedia devices, semiconductors, medical devices, analytical instruments, the energy market or industrial automation. Therefore we find it important to first look together at what you want, and only then at how this can best be done.

System supplier with mechatronics ability

We think it is important as a system supplier to execute the whole system construction cycle ourselves, including the mechatronics. So we ensure that the cycle of product development till end-of-life management ties in seamlessly. This way we ourselves keep control of the process and do not have to wait to proceed to the next process stage.

Ask your question about our services as system supplier

We are curious about your plans that require a system supplier. Call +31 (0) 43 364 46 32 or send us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

System supplier
System supplier