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PCB Assembly

Holtec Electronics checks the quality of the printed circuit board after surface mounting as part of our turnkey PCB assembly.

Up-to-date PCB assembly with quality control

Our regularly trained PCB surface mounting personnel carry out the PCB assembly with great devotion. To ensure the quality of their work, each PCB undergoes quality control. Most boards are mechanically inspected by our Marantz AOI 22DX machine, equipped with a full-colour camera. This is another story in case of through-hole components. These PCBs are inspected due to their manual production by our quality control staff.

PCB assembly possibilities

You can contact us for the following types of PCB assembly:

  • SMD assembly (0402,Finepitch, BGA,Oddshape components)
  • Double-sided SMD assembly, Through-hole assembly
  • SMD & Through-hole mix
  • Glue and paste dispensing
  • Prototype assembly
  • Serial production

Machinery for PCB assembly

Our machinery for PCB assembly includes among other things:

  • DEK Horizon 03i screen printers
  • Cam/A lot dispenser
  • Mydata My12 SMD machines
  • Soltec reflow ovens
  • Soltec Deltawave wave soldering machines
  • Marantz AOI

Ask your question about our PCB assembly services

We are curious about your plans for PCB assembly. Call +31 (0) 43 364 46 32 or send us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

PCB assembly
PCB assembly